Nc Ndashi

About Nc Ndashi

Nc Ndashi is a passionate environmental advocate with over 13 years of experience in education and sustainability. He holds a Master's degree in International Relations, specialised in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development from the International Relations Intstitute of Cameroon (IRIC), and is currently the Executive Director of the Ecosystems Awareness Fund (EAFund), an NGO that works to raise awareness on environmental issues and promote sustainable practices in Cameroon.

Ndashi is a gifted communicator and educator, and he has a deep understanding of the complex challenges facing our planet. He is committed to using his skills and knowledge to make a positive difference in the world, and he is a powerful voice for environmental protection.

In his previous role as a Biology and Environmental Management teacher, Ndashi inspired students to learn about and care for the environment. He developed innovative teaching methods that engaged students and helped them to understand the importance of sustainability.

Ndashi is a strong advocate for the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities, and believes that they play a vital role in the protection of the environment. He is also a strong advocate for the use of education as a tool for environmental change.

As Executive Director, I have been responsible for the overall leadership and management of the organization, including setting its strategic direction, overseeing its operations, and ensuring its financial sustainability.

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