Our Thematics

Our Six Thematic Areas of Activity

Ecosystems & Biodiversity Conservation

Conducting research and mapping strategies to support conservation initiatives, preservation of natural habitats, and protection of biodiversity.

Peoples & Human Cultural Diversity

Integration of cultural mapping and socio-environmental research to enhance our understanding of the interdependent relationship between human communities and their environment.

Animals And Wildlife Protection

Development and exploitation of spatial databases, leveraging mapping tools and monitoring techniques to support wildlife conservation efforts

Science & Technology For Environmental Welfare

Leveraging geospatial technologies, remote sensing, and GIS applications to improve ecological monitoring, environmental impact assessments, and sustainable land management practices.

Sustainable Industrialisation & Economic Growth

Leveraging geospatial data and mapping techniques to support sustainable industrial development, resource management, and resilient socio-economic growth.

Exploration, Discovery, and Landscape Restoration

Mapping and monitoring of degraded landscapes, analysis of land cover changes, and implementation of ecological restoration projects.